We specialise in energising bodies and minds through nutrition, movement and quality sleep, offering workshops to organisations to improve the well-being of your workforce. Everyone who attends our workshops leaves feeling invigorated, learning about the importance of their own health and well being. What’s more, the whole experience is fun, lively and interactive!


We offer a range of workshops on how to take practical steps towards greater well-being for up to 15 people. These include:

  • Lunchtime presentations
  • Half-day and full-day workshops
  • Individual 3-month programmes are also available

It’s our mission to change people’s lives for the better. To that end, we’re pretty flexible about the ways in which we can help your organisation. Please feel free to contact Born To Be Wild to discuss your organisation’s specific needs.

Benefits of attending

Our workshops help energise your workforce. Other long-term benefits include:

  • Greater focus
  • Fewer days lost through sickness
  • Better teamwork
  • Improved engagement

We believe in empowerment. Only by teaching people to help themselves can we achieve our long-term goal of improving people’s lives. That’s where you come in. You can help to implement healthier habits into your workforce through Born To Be Wild workshops.

What to expect

We have a passion for food as a powerful tool for implementing positive change. Workshops focus on the core fundamentals of nutrition – busting a few myths and giving your employees practical skills that will help them to genuinely improve their lifestyles.

We’ll also touch on the elements of exercise and sleep to cover all bases, giving a full holistic approach on health. Longer sessions can be arranged to include workshops and practical demonstrations.

We’ve developed the coaching skills that lead people towards better health, both physically and mentally. We’re fully licensed, having all the accreditations and insurances required. Want to know more? Email: info@borntobewild.org.uk.