I offer coaching both in person and online. To get an understanding of how I approach my teaching, please feel free to spend a few minutes reading my principles of training and nutrition.

Principles Of Training

Find your reasons why

My main reason why is to keep my mental health refined. Becoming strong, lean and mobile in the process is the delicious icing on the cake.

  • Do you want to be strong, lean, and more muscular?
  • Learn fun skills like the handstand and muscle up?
  • Move like a ninja and be pain free?
  • Become unbreakable in body and mind?

Yes you do? Sound, keep on reading…

Invest in yourself

Your most precious resource is your time. Once it’s gone you ain’t getting it back, so invest it wisely!

Orientate yourself towards daily habits that will enable your continual growth. Read, write, learn to juggle – do what ever makes you feel good!

Developing an enthusiasm for life will cross over into your training.

Don’t get caught in the immediacy trap. The modern world is full of novel distractions designed to get you hooked on dopamine hits.

Pay attention and resist the shallow entertainment available at your finger tips!

Focus on the process and the outcomes look after themselves

Would you spend time doing something you didn’t enjoy just to achieve one specific outcome?

Firstly, you’ll likely struggle towards your goal. Then – even if you do – the ecstasy will be short lived. The joyless process was an expensive entrance fee to a lackluster show.

Fall in love with the process and all it’s nuances, the rest will look after itself!

Yeah, you’ll fail quite often, but that’s okay. Ultimately it’s about having fun and finding your “flow state”, and from there you’ll get lost in every moment of the process as you progress.

Use all the tools at your disposal

We all have a body (which many don’t know how to use effectively) which can be moved any where and at any time.

The human body is pretty freaking amazing once you start to understand how it works…properly!

Invest in some cheap useful tools like a door frame pull up bar, a set of gymnastics rings, bands of varying resistances, and a set of  mini parallel bars.

Also barbell’s and kettlebell’s can be effectively used to help develop greater strength where necessary.

Add variety, complexity and intensity

A narrow spectrum of training will (over time) lead to plateaus, imbalances, potential injuries, and probable boredom.

Try new disciplines that complement your current practices, but don’t needless overwhelm yourself – choose your weapons wisely!

Complexity should be added when you have adequate control in the current progression(s) you’re working on.

Strength is gained by adding intensity, as and when needed. Look to progressively overload your strength training through changing the variables of load, volume, tempo, and/or rest.

Above all, express yourself honestly…don’t let the ego take control!

Relax and recover

Take time away from your practices to recover and pursue life’s other pleasures.

Many of your strength, muscle and skill gains are made whilst at rest.

Plentiful sleep allows the brain to develop new neurological path ways in developing motor control for new skills and strengths.

Good nutrition is paramount in aiding recovery.

With so much (mis)information out there it can be a minefield to navigate. Below I’ve outlined some principles I believe will enable the vast majority of people to achieve a balanced approach to their nutrition.

Principles of Nutrition

Clarify your needs

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the hyperbole of trends. Many different dietary approaches work for a wide variety of people.

There is no one “best diet” that work’s for all!

Try to understand how your desired outcomes, genetics, environmental factors and cultural beliefs make your nutritional needs unique.

Eat mainly whole unprocessed natural foods

The bulk of your diet should include nutrient dense minimally processed foods, but with the understanding that some processed foods, for example white rice, maybe beneficial.

However there are many “junk foods” you should look to avoid that include; refined sugars (in their many guises!), trans fats, flavourings, colourings, preservatives, and other additives.

A good bench mark is a 90/10 split between whole foods and those which are more processed.

Portion control

No matter your needs, exercising portion control is a good habit to develop.

Tracking numbers in the form of calorie counting can be tedious and not wholly accurate.

I teach people to use their hands as a means of portion control for their needed macronutrients (carbs, fats, and proteins).

Check out this handy (sorry!) Precision Nutrition Infographic.

However I do encourage having a good set of kitchen scales to hand (I know, shameful!).

Time restricted eating

This typically involves a period of eating, usually between 8 – 12 hours, whilst the remaining time is seen as a fast.

Although the research within humans is limited, there does appear at this early stage to be several benefits;

  • Chronologically it synchronises circadian rhythms between the master and peripheral clocks as a means to improve health.
  • It’s also showing signs of helping to prevent and reverse metabolic disease in aiding weight loss.
  • Research in resistance trained males showed a decrease in blood glucose, blood insulin, and fat mass, while retaining muscle mass and strength.

Stay hydrated

Being dehydrated by as little as 2 – 3% can see a decline in both physical and cognitive performance.

Start the day with a large glass of water, and keep topped up through out. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables adds valuable fluids to the body.

Some hunger cues may actually be thirst. If in doubt have a glass of water, waiting 15 – 20 minutes to gage your reaction.

Love the foods you eat, guilt free!

Having a positive mindset will be your greatest ally in nailing your nutrition, training, and life in general.

The self-talk and stories we tell ourselves can have a strangle hold on our actions – don’t let the beast within direct you!

It’s okay to have some ice cream if that’s your thing (mines chocolate). Just don’t beat yourself up about it…enjoy it!

And always feel free to let go once in a while. Social interactions with our fellow humans over food and drink can lead to a healthy and balanced life.

You'll learn how to:

  • Develop your intuition and self awareness
  • Push yourself beyond current limits
  • Balance your hormones, naturally boosting energy levels, performance and recovery
  • Eat the way your body type and goals require
  • Incorporate sustainable healthy habits into your life

What it doesn't include:

  • Off the shelve training programs and diet plans
  • Short-term fixes and fads
  • Counting calories or tracking macros
  • Food restrictions (unless for religious, moral, or intolerance reasons)
  • Me dictating what foods to eat and diets to follow

Individual coaching packages

Going solo Nutrition Plan

  • One-off consultation
  • A unique nutrition blue print that works around your life and goals
  • Ideal for those who require the final tools to unlock their potential without ongoing support

£75 (£35 for a follow up consultation)

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One-2-one Online Nutrition Coaching

  • Personalised coaching centred around your unique life and goals
  • Food diary, and a sleep, energy & exercise journal analysis
  • Bi-weekly video calls to assess your progress and to further your education
  • Weekly email check-ins and support through out

*Limited availability* £30 a week (Minimum 3 month's)

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Personal Training

  • Each session is tailored towards your needs and specific goals
  • I'll teach you how to develop a strong, mobile, and pain free body
  • We'll work together to develop a practice that fits in your life
  • In person sessions based at Sudden Movements gym in Armley, Leeds

From £37.50 per session

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Personal Training & Nutrtition Coaching

  • You'll get my complete knowledge on nutrition and exercise through out
  • Combining both will help you attain your goals quicker

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