Now Is The Time For Change

Now Is The Time For Change

2nd April 2019

“It's not the strongest of 
the species that survive, nor the most intelligent,
but the one most responsive to change”

Charles Darwin

The inevitability of change is all around us. As sure as day follows night – and spring brings new life – we’re never really the same person from one day to the next. We discover new things about ourselves and the world around us. Our believes shift and behaviours evolve – new patterns start to emerge.

Being the dominant species of the planet we must adapt to meet the demands of our ever changing environment. It’s apparent there’s an urgent need to find more effective ways of interacting with our world. Socially fractions in religion and politics are being brought to the fore causing upheaval – It’s all adding to the melting pot.

Revolutions erupt from unrest, whether at a personal or societal level. The urge usually spurs from dissatisfaction of the present situation, manifesting it’s self in pain and suffering. The will to no longer go along with the same story is strong – it not longer serves us. We think and ponder, but are tentative towards action, as the unknown can be a little daunting…to move forward we must change – it all starts at an individual level.

What’s the alternative? Stay as we are I hope for the best? Old habits and beliefs will only bring about the same results – feeding any potential suffering – leading to frustration and possible resentment towards the world. Lets flip it on it’s head. It’s time to be brave and bold, cut out the excuses, and set about the new. The pace of change is quickening – the need to adapt is NOW!

What could we adapt?

  • How we source our foods
  • They way we move
  • The quality and quantity of our sleep

Improving these areas of our own health could have a positive impact on society as a whole, as well as the planet.

How could that look?

  • A conscious effort towards consuming foods that have a minimal impact on the environment. We can reduce our carbon foot print by sourcing local seasonal produce (ideally organic if your budget allows) free from packaging. The cost of buying most foods from the supermarket isn’t truly reflected at the till. We end up paying again in taxes for the damages they cause (more on this in my next blog post).
  • The use of exercise to relieve stress can be profound. But too much of a good thing adds to the stress load – finding that sweet spot can be tricky. Is it enjoyable – well, the vast majority at least? Do you do it effectively? And does it raise your heart rate? Yes, then hats off to you…you’ve found that sweet spot! If not, then break the mould and reshape your practice until it feels natural.
  • As time has elapsed we’ve become a species that prioritises sleep less and less at our own expense…it’s the elixir of life! It aids in the recovery and recharging of body and mind – there’s no hacking a lack of sleep. Ditch the technology and unwind with a warm shower or bath, book, and gentle stretch or meditation – inducing calm and restorative sleep will become the norm.

Why now?

Now is a better time than any…why wait until the wheels start to fall off? Okay, sometimes we can’t see things coming and we need to react in the moment. But when it comes to our health we can be proactive, seeking little improvements that will steer us on a better course. There’s no need for an overhaul, unless all of a sudden it’s a case of “Shit!!! What the fecks going on?”.

Take some time for a little self reflection. Be brutally honest with yourself; How do you want to show up each and every single day? We’re not striving for perfection (a false dogma perpetuated by society), just little improvements in any which way to make the many more years to come fruitful in health, wealth and happiness.


You have unlimited potential to change yourself and the world around you. Believe in your purpose and pursue what’s real and true to you. Your a lot closer than you think…take that last step and surrender to it all…it’s going to be beautiful!


Yours in health,