Naturally Nurturing The Mind, Body and Soul

Naturally Nurturing The Mind, Body and Soul

3rd November 2019

The complexities of being human sees us occupying a body, coming equipped with a giant walnut shaped organ in the brain. And at the centre of our being is the heart, the seat of the soul. All three aspects of our being require a meaningful measure of love, care and attention. When we neglect one then starts a downward spiral which sees our karma dwindle, ultimately lowering our life force.

The symptoms arise in a number of ways. Physically they manifest themselves with injuries and illnesses. Spiritually they come to us with emotions of separation, of being lost or lonely. In the mind we see our mental health slowly but surely slide away in to feelings of being overly stressed, depressed or anxious.

We are all human, sharing the same experience, but in our own unique way. At times we’re riding the crest of a wave, seamlessly moving from moment to moment. Some days we can feel trapped in a cave, starved of light, looking for a guide rope to hoist us up.

However, the sun will rise tomorrow, bringing a new dawn filled with opportunities to rise and shine into your all powerful True Self. And after all, nothing lasts forever in this world.

What is the best approach to healing our aliments? A pill from your doctor to balance out your serotonin levels? A few drinks after work to alleviate the stress? Or maybe an eating binge to comfort those depressive thoughts? Easy quick fixes that smoother the symptoms for a short period but will never bring about a lasting release.

I’ve used a lot of things over the years to try and dampen my fearful thoughts. Taking the quick and easy option was my solution in years gone by. I couldn’t see at first that they were feeding my anxieties. Over time I knew something had to change.

Today I have many tried and tested methods that centre around one thing; nature. The Gaia in her infinite wisdom has given us both internal and external remedies for the mind, body and soul. I’ve been discovering and experimenting with these innate remedies on a continual basis for several years.

I share these with the faith they will help anyone who’s willing, ready and able to have patience to fully surrender to the healing powers of Mother Nature. Most of them are free and accessible to all. All you need to do is believe

Just breath

How often do we take the time to switch off from the external world and focus on what’s going on inside? Put down the phone and turn off the screen. Switch on and tune in for a few minutes. Turn your attention to the air expanding your lunges, raising your chest and elevating your heart. As you exhale release and let go of everything. Keep the breaths controlled and deep making sure you breath into your belly.


Following on from breath work we can delve deeper into our minds and souls with meditation. Science has now caught up with ancient teachings in acclaiming the benefits of sitting and being with yourself for extended periods. There’s no right or wrong way to meditate. You can use music, breathing and incense to help induce your bliss. Just let the thoughts come and go, surrender and smile. Another great technique is to develop a mantra of positive affirmations to resight over and over again to realign your mind towards your true pure loving self.

Spend time in nature

We were born out of this world, a world that is a living, breathing, and very self nurturing. On average we spend 90% of our time indoors. This is not great for our physical, spiritual or mental well being – we were born to live more wild! Okay, I’m not saying we should all move into the woods (anyone fancy it? No, just me) and gather dandelion leaves and hunt rabbits, but leaving behind the stressors of society by walking amongst the birds and tress is soothing for the soul. We reconnect to our roots and initiate Mother Natures all encompassing love and healing powers.

Clean up your diet 

The foods we eat send messages to every aspect of our beings. Build your diet around whole unprocessed natural foods. Avoid processed produce, especially refined sugars, and limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol is a poison which depresses the body and mind. It’s okay in small doses now and again, but excessive quantities often will ruin your physical, mental and spiritual self. I’ve stopped eating meat again, this time for good. If you do make sure it’s of the highest quality and not eaten often.

Move more 

The body you’ve been given was designed to move. Idleness can lead to injuries and illness. If you find yourself stuck in a chair for long periods of the day then make a habit of getting out of it regularly. Walk around, stretch your spine and do a few body weight squats. Of lot of peoples issues with backs and hips stem from sitting too much. Also find a practice that resonates with you on all levels of your being. It will never be a chore. It will always be a blessing.

Prioritise your sleep 

The elixir of life, and for good reason. This beautiful constructed internal dream world has been given to us for the restoration of the mind and body. If you haven’t already checked out the work of Matt Walker, the author of Why We Sleep, I’d suggest reading his book or listen to a podcast with him to absorb his charm and knowledge. Make sleeping 7 – 9 hours a night a habit. Ditch the tech and leave your problems behind. As they say, it’s good to sleep on them.

Herbal teas and concoctions

There’s nothing quite like a good old brew. Tea’s, infusions and various concoctions have been used in many cultures down the ages to alleviate aliments. The delicateness of a green tea in the morning can be refreshing. A ginger and lemon tea can invigorate and warm the soul in the cold winter months. The fresh zing of mint tea after a meal can aid digestion. There’s a wealth of healing magic in the plant world to explore!


After you’ve taken heed of the previous remedies, supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals maybe of benefit. Generally on the whole a diet which is rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables should meet most peoples needs. Exceptions being those who are very physically active or people with a known nutrient deficiency.


Always consult a professional if you have any concerns about making changes to your diet.


  • Magnesium – it’s estimated around 2/3 of adults in the UK intake less than the required average. Due to unnatural farming processes the foods we eat are containing less and less nutrients. I take 500mg daily with my evening meal to improve my muscle function and aid in the production of GABA , a neurotransmitter that calms the nervous system.
  • Vitamin D – every cell in your body is receptive to vitamin D, helping cell growth, neuromuscular and immune function, reducing inflammation, increasing the absorption of calcium through the gut, and aids with the encoding of new genes. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is common among populations who’s winters are long and dark. Getting as much Vitamin D through sunlight exposer during the winter months is a must. I’d recommend taking a vitamin D supplement if your mood starts to become depressed and lethargic during winter (or just emigrate for 6 months of the year!).
  • Zinc – responsible for over 300 enzyme functions in the body, it’s essential for a healthy immune system and new cell growth. Vegetarians need to consume a variety of sources from seeds such as hemp and pumpkin, nuts in the form of almonds, cashews and peanuts, and legumes like chickpeas. I supplement when my activity levels are intense. Also helps with the production of testosterone in males.
  • 5 HTP – tryptophan is an essential amino acid that is responsible for the synthesis of serotonin, sometimes known as the happy chemical as it contributes towards feelings of happiness and well being. It’s a good option during the winter months to help elevate those low moods.

Every bodies lifestyles and needs requires a slightly different approach. Opting for an intervention using pharmaceutical medicines shouldn’t be your first port of call when you’re looking to improve your well being.

Honestly assess your lifestyle and habits to see how you could elevate your mood using natural methods. Quite a lot of people would see significant improvements if they cut out the crap, made sleep a priority, and spent more time moving in nature.

Yours in love and health,