Are We Truly Serving Ourselves?

Are We Truly Serving Ourselves?

16th December 2019

With the new year fast approaching there's a tendency to reflect and renew on ones life; it's joys and delights, the ruff and tumble, lessons learn (or not), and the pursuit of our souls purpose - It's a constant flux. Sometimes we don't have a say with what comes our way. we just have to take the rough with the smooth. Either way, it brings about change.

Being vibrational beings we intrinsically run with the cycles of nature; the ever changing seasons, the waxing and waning of the moon, the alignment of the planets and stars – everything that is encompassed in the universe moves us in the most subtlest of ways. And the beginning of a new year brings with it fresh impetuous as we pass through the winter solstice this week beginning our tilt towards the sun in readiness for spring. But are we prepared for what lies ahead?

Goals, aims, desires and deeds – full of promises and wanting to proceed. Can we honestly know what the new year will bring? Everything and nothing and anything in between. As much as we’d like a certain outcome we can only receive what’s coming if we’re open to the possibilities. Be flexible with our approach, strong in mind, and have a willingness to grow at our own pace. A lot like bamboo, which can bend under immense pressure and not succumb to breaking.

Being rigid and stiff – like a steel beam – will curtail our natural creativity and spontaneity for life, with blinkers on, mind closed, forcing the unenforceable with the inevitable frustrations. At the opposite end of the spectrum being completely blasé to any ideas of pursuing our souls purpose will likely bring yearning and discontent. The true art of living is to plan for the future fully knowing you are already in the glory of it all in this very moment.

Desires of attaining happiness or self contentment through future goals is a lot like a dog chasing it’s tail – you’ll never get there. If you can’t live fully now you never will. We are not trying to get any where, we’re already here.

So this may seem to tie us in a bit of a knot; we’re wanting to achieve something but what for? Just for the sake of doing things? For the recognition from our peers? The material manifestation of our desires? The answer lies in just simply being a human being. When we’re aligned with our True Self, not deceived by social conventions and abstract ideas, the need for any attainment or gratification from external means dissipates – we have fully arrived in the love of the self.

All we need do is live in the moment, full of awareness and understanding, letting things unfold as they like.

Don’t try to swim against the current – you’ll only get dragged along kicking and screaming.

Let go of what doesn’t serve – the burden could be stifling, draining life and stunting growth. Change what you can and accept what you can’t – no amount of willing to shape that that doesn’t wish to be interfered with will bring any change. And embrace the new by relinquishing the old. You can then start painting a glorious picture, watching it all unfold before your very eyes.

Your pursuit of everything that is you should always be realised in the moment; the action of working with purpose, the reading and writing for the joy of it, cooking and eating with friends and family, thinking things over when needs be, moving more, loving unconditionally, laughing often and crying where needed. All done with being fully in that moment.

And it all starts and ends with us. We shouldn’t need to be overly reliant on others, or for the conditions to be right to step into our power. A power that’s so vast and infinite that once you’ve found it you’ll never want to step away from it, all coming from the source within your inner most being. To realise it you need to believe it. To believe you need to understand how beautiful and complete you already are without the need for anything more – you are it!

The vehicles we use to get there are going to be different for each individual; Meditation, prayer, movement, yoga, running, writing, spending time in nature, herbal medicines – many avenues can give us the opportunity to peak behind the vale and penetrate to the True Self.

This is where we need to bring in some self accountability; are we practising those things which we need to bring about the best version of ourselves? Are we making the time to look after our being on every level?

If there’s one thing you do for yourself this coming year be it to make some time for you.

It’s seemingly becoming increasingly harder for us to disconnect from the external world to just be with ourselves. Technology has us transfixed feverishly to screens; scrolling through social media, checking emails, flicking through dating apps, and agonising over corrupt politics and the state of the planet. I feel it’s harbouring a deep state on anxiety in a lot of minds.

Forgo your smart phone and leave it where it lay. Forget the outside world just for one day – there’s nothing to loose, but everything to gain!

On the island of Bali, Indonesia they celebrate the Saka new year with a day of doing absolutely nothing. Nyepi is the Balinese “Day of Silence” in which people stay at home refraining from entertain and other pleasures (they even turn off the internet – how awesome would that be?) to reflect. The next day friends and family gather to ask for forgiveness and undertake religious rituals together.

How powerful could be using just one hour a day to disconnect and sit with ourselves be? No outside interference and distractions. Just simply being, making the most of the moment to bring more presents into everything we do. I believe it could be life changing for many.

One thing I’ve gathered in my brief jaunt into this world is that the societal perception of doing more to achieve something in the future is a mere deception. It’s just simply a case of being more lost in the present moment understanding that this is it and always has been it and always will be it…


Yours in love and health,