Born To Be Wild is an ever evolving approach to human health through movement and nutrition aligned to our roots within nature.

Creatures of Habit 

We are fascinating beings with unlimited potential for growth, which is realised when we’re healthy in body mind and body. In discovering our true nature we must develop habits that enable us to see, think, and act clearly.

Centre your day around health improving habits in movement, nutrition and sleeping well.

Instant Gratification 

It’s all too easy to get distracted through a society built around instant gratification. Dopamine hits are cheap, cheerful, and readily available.

Those highly palatable processed foods, the addictions of technology, and mind altering substances can give an instant reward without much thought or effort, but have some serious repercussions.  

There are no quick fixes to finding long-lasting gratification.

Dire Consequences

The consequences of instant gratification are clear for all to see;

We are, as a species, becoming physically and mentally sicker by the day.

Technology is leaving us physically redundant and mentally impaired.

The foods we gorge on are becoming less nutritious and more of a strain on the planets resources, yet we still throw away one third of all foods produced globally whilst 800 million of our fellow humans struggle to feed themselves.

Is it purely coincidence that as our health deteriorates so does that of our beautiful planet?

Rediscovering Our Roots

Our redemption from the reality we find ourselves in lies in moving forward and rediscovering our intimate connection with nature.

Our physical and mental well being can be drastically improved by spending more time in the wilds of our world being physically active.

Education and a mutual understanding on individual and planetary health will be the greatest assets in us moving forward towards a brighter future. 

We Are Nature 

We, the planet, and all living things are apart of nature. We should treat ourselves and everything on planet Earth with the upper most respect and care. 

We didn’t come into this world, we came out of it.

We, and everything encapsulated within the planets biosphere, are a giant super organism that relies upon the mutual interdependence of all living things.

It All Starts With You

Each of us must step forward and take responsibility of our own health and well being.

I believe the solutions and strategies to get there can be made simple and attainable for all – that’s why I built Born To Be Wild.

I see it as a vehicle to help guide others towards moving, eating and sleeping more in accordance with our nature, bringing with it long-lasting results.

You have unlimited potential that is just waiting to be tapped into right now!


Hello, I’m David, and I am passionate about human health. As a qualified Personal Trainer for seven years, and Nutrition Coach for two, I’ve had the pleasure of helping hundred’s of people improve their well being through individual and group training.

I believe we have unlimited potential to tap into, enabling us to thrive!

In my continual study and experimentation with new ideas I develop pragmatic solutions that are accessible to all. Something as simple as a 5 minute morning flow routine followed by a 10 minute meditation can bring priceless rewards.

My training has migrated towards body weight training (calisthenics, gymnastics and dance), supplemented with kettlebells and barbells to develop raw strength. Learning these disciplines has become something of an obsession. 

I became a student and teacher of human health purely through my own health struggles. At the age of 18 I developed epilepsy which had consequences for my mental health. Insomnia (my epilepsy is nocturnal in nature), anxiety and depression riddled my health. I found conventional medicine wasn’t the answer.

I sought a solution in a holistic approach. Moving daily, eating a diet based around whole natural unprocessed foods, and developing good sleep hygiene became the corner stone of my life. I also explore other more esoteric practices like meditation, breath work and chanting.

My seizures have now all but ceased without the need for medical intervention.

I’m also a keen gardener, growing as much of my own fruit and vegetables when in season at my allotment. The benefits are many, but above all the food is far more delicious and nutritious than anything you can buy at a supermarket.

If you’d like to delve deeper into my training and nutrition principles then please feel free to check out my coaching page.


“focus on the process and the

outcomes look after themselves.

Focus on the outcomes and

the process becomes a chore”


Yours in love and health,

David Mckee      



Precision Nutrition Coaching

Precision Nutrition are regarded as the leaders in the field of nutrition coaching. Their ethos is centred around evidence-based research in both nutrition and psychology, to deliver results time and time again. There’s no weird diets or time-consuming workouts. It all about you – your life, your needs and your goals. 

To make the process easier we’ll break down the complex world of nutrition into small, strategic chunks. You’ll start developing new healthier habits that become second nature, lasting a lifetime. Then when all the pieces start to fall into place, your body and mind will be transformed beyond recognition.

Come and grow with me, and together we’ll find a healthier, happier you, by shifting your way of thinking towards how you eat, move and sleep. 

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  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
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