Born To Be Wild is my answer to an ever growing need, a need to connect with more of us who feel it’s time to take action, not just to improve our own well-being, but also in becoming better custodians of our planet.


Why? Because we’re in the midst of a crisis. We’ve been neglecting our physical, mental, and emotional faculties for far too long whilst casting a dark shadow over Mother Nature. We are part of nature…we must reconnect to her!

Disposable culture

A major problem is we live in a disposable world, consuming everything at a ferocious pace. We feed ourselves an excess of nutritionally poor foods, the production of which places a heavy burden on our planet. And an even more alarming fact is that globally we waste a third of all food produced

Time’s running out

Many of the foods we eat have untold consequences. Industrial agricultural practices actively damage the lands, poisoning soils, leaving them depleted of nutrients. These practices deliver less nutritious foods to our supermarket shelves whilst reducing the natural biodiversity of the environment.

Industrially produced fruits and vegetables are contaminated with pesticides and herbicides, which can build up to toxic levels in the human body over time. They’re also packaged in an excess of plastics, often unrecyclable, ending up in landfill sites, ruining habits for wildlife.

Simply complex

We need to consume less of the planet’s resources whilst spending more time nurturing our bodies, minds, and souls. While the solution may sound simple enough on paper, the heart of the issue is complex. Our current social narrative is geared towards consumption – sustainability makes way for profit.

Finding a way to live a richer life whilst having less of an impact on our planet can be pretty daunting. But, if we all start making small little changes, it can have a profound effect globally. Ultimately, the solution needs to come from us.

Small steps

There has to be a collective urgency. We must make better use of what we have, while looking closer to home for solutions. We need to be conscious of the things we do daily, understanding how the small things we do impact on both the environment and our health.

We need to act, and we need to act now!

Human cost

It’s not just our plant that’s suffering – we’re slowly succumbing to the diseases of poor nutrition. Obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancers – all have been linked with a substandard diet. Our consumer-driven society isn’t just ruining our bodies, it’s destroying our minds also.

The rise in cases of mental health disorders is alarming! It’s become the major factor in the overall disease burden worldwide. An estimated one in six people in the UK experienced a common mental disorder like depression or anxiety in the past week.

It’s time we talked more openly about our struggles, especially males.

Men and suicide

In the UK, the leading killer of males under 45 is suicide – every week, 84 men take their own lives.

How has it come to this? Why are we not willing to talk about our problems and seek help? Social norms have made it difficult for men to be honest and open about their emotions.

The cultural dogma of masculinity is of a resolutely strong man, who should be stoic and emotional in control at all times. Revealing you’re depressed or anxious can be seen as a weakness – this couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s time we broke down these false dogmas and look towards a future of honesty and understanding among males – it’s okay to talk about your emotions and feelings.

Better together

The ethos behind Born To Be Wild is to grow a tribe – because together, we’re stronger! Together we’re better equipped to tackle life’s challenges as a like-minded collective. It’s how we look after and support each other through interdependence.

Born To Be Wild is a space where we can share our triumphs and failures. It’s a place to voice your ideas, large and small, and share your struggles. It’s a community that can empathise with the each other.

The human experience is something we all share, in our own unique way…Let’s share it together!

David Mckee Ordinarily unique

My story’s nothing out of the ordinary – we all have something unique and meaningful to tell. My journey and collection of experiences has left me fascinated with the human body and mind, a fascination that has given me many more questions than answers…hence the birth of Born To Be Wild! 

Epilepsy and anxiety

An major influence through out my life is that I developed epilepsy at 18. Up until recent years, much of my life had a dark cloud shadowing over it. Severe bouts of anxiety often followed seizures, compounded by some disturbing, depressive episodes. At points it was so relentless, it pushed me to the brink of giving up on life.

But, I believe I had to go through the pain and suffering in order to grow into the person I am today, learning who I am, how my body works, and it’s connection with to the brain.

Eating a diet void of processed foods, regular exercise that stimulates the mind, and making huge strides with my sleep have helped me control my epilepsy with out the need for medication. I feel it’s given me a sense of understanding and perspective on some of the struggles of life.


The nature of my epilepsy is nocturnal – sleep soon became the crux of my life. The fear of waking in the middle of the night in a vortex of confusion gasping for air, or worse, not waking at all, pushed me to delve deep into the science of sleep. Thankfully now I look forward to my head hitting the pillow every night having developed the habits to improve my quality and quantity of sleep.

A life of learning

I first discovered exercise and nutrition whilst playing rugby as a teenager. But as my outlook on health and fitness has shifted over the years, so has my exercise and nutrition habits. Putting the pursuit of the inner self rather than the physical has led to a greater sense of fulfilment and happiness in myself.

It’s been a mesmerising journey of twists and turns with some failures, but thankfully scattered with timely triumphs. It’s shaped me into who I am today. Someone who’s passionate about how we eat, move and sleep.

Food for thought

My passion for food comes from my childhood. I was fortunate enough to be able to enjoy mum’s home cooking, which would be enjoyed as a family together. When in season, my dad would provide us with fruits and vegetables from his vegetable patch in our back garden.

My mum’s home cooking and my dad’s green fingers have clearly rubbed off on me!

When a plan comes together

Having the opportunity to coach hundreds of people through one-to-one sessions and group exercise classes, I’ve gathered valuable experience and knowledge to make a difference in peoples lives.

Each person is unique – their body type, fitness levels, nutritional needs, lifestyle, and desires – which requires a tailored approach.

Underpinning that approach are the three pillars of health – diet, exercise and sleep.

Join me, and together we’ll find a healthier, happier you, by shifting your way of thinking towards how you eat, move and sleep.

Precision Nutrition Coaching

Precision Nutrition are regarded as the leaders in the field of nutrition coaching. Their ethos is centred around evidence-based research in both nutrition and psychology, to deliver results time and time again. There’s no weird diets or time-consuming workouts. It all starts with you – your life, your needs and your goals. We’ll develop a personalised plan that fits into your everyday life, helping you eat, move and sleep better. To make the process easier and more attainable, we’ll break down the complex world of nutrition into small strategic chunks. You’ll start developing new, healthier habits that become second nature and that last a lifetime. When all the pieces start to fall into place, your body and mind will be transformed beyond recognition. Join me, and together we’ll find a healthier, happier you, by shifting your way of thinking towards how you eat, how you move and how you sleep. 

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